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After bringing us the wonderful Age of Wonders series, Triumph Studios attempts to win our hearts once again with a refreshing title that tries to break some rules and bring something new and innovative for us to experience.

That game goes by the name Overlord.

Overlord is a Hack & Slash RPG spiced up with some strategy elements. The developers made an interesting genre blending in order to paint the RPG genre with some new colors, and they did a pretty good job.


Nothing revolutionary here but it does not follow the exact same formula that most RPGs nowadays do and I loved the result. Add a lot of humor to that formula and you will get a fun and very unique game.

Ask yourself: are you evil?

I guess, deep down inside, we all are just a little evil. We sometimes feel the urge to do things our way, making decisions that are considered selfish and unthoughtful, yet profitable to us. I, for instance, find myself watching a movie and sometimes wanting, just for once, that the bad guy's wicked plan will finally succeed! Ever happened to you? There are plenty of other examples I can think of but I presume you got the idea.


The wonderful thing about video games is the true freedom of choice they supply to us, as gamers, without having to suffer the consequences of our immoral decisions. Overlord lets you do exactly that! For once, you won't save the world from a disaster or a dreadful threat. You, in fact, will be that awful threat, and along with your dark and vicious (and funny) army, you will embark on a journey to conquer the world.


So, I invite you all, if you feel you're evil enough, to put on your cursed black and distorted armor, insert the blood stained long sword into its sheath and join me in my wicked quest as the new dreadful and fearsome overlord.